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Technology Advocates was founded on the belief that there is a need to have trusted, experienced advisors with expertise in leveraging technology.

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  • Questions and Realistic Concerns


Is your IT company compensated for your company's success or Their sales?


Would you be comfortable if your Accountants profited from their recommendations when those recommendations were not in your best interest?


Why accept this from your IT vendor?


Should your Technology support team be encouraged to spend more time AND materials to succeed?


Technology Advocates has ONLY your interest in mind. 


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  • Common Goals Successful relationships 


Most companies depend on their outside vendors to understand their needs and make recommendations accordingly. The problem is they make a living selling unnecessary time and/or equipment.


We at Technology Advocates start with common goals that result in successful, profitable relationships.

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  • Communication is not just about speed or capacity. 


More important than being able to install a piece of technology is the ability to express the value it provides or how it will impact the client. Finances, security, integration, timing, are among the key components to success on every project. Good communications takes experience.

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  • Healthcare


Does your IT support understand their role in providing healthcare services?


Do they know how the needs of medical practicioners differ from other industries?


Knowing how to connect technology to the needs of a modern EHI/EMR system should not be an assumption. Experience in the Healthcare industry is not defined as working with a few doctors on their billing systems. Technology Advocates has more than 25 years experience working with medical records, system integrations, automated bill payment and many other key aspects of systems associated with and applied to todays successful Medical offices.

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